GSMA Statistics: Figure of Indian mobile users to go beyond 1 billion by 2020

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Indian market with the budding number of mobile subscribers is booming, and according to a fresh report published by GSMA, India is predicted to cross the milestone of 1 billion mobile users by the end of 2020. As per the reports of GSMA, in the first half of 2016, India, with the user-base of 275 million devices has already overtaken the US, and by 202, it is expected to hit the landmark of 1 billion subscribers for mobile.

Apart from this, the report also highlights that India is also kept on witnessing the rapid shifting in the ongoing technology from mobile broadband services and if the pace continues, the number of 3G/4G mobile broadband connections will hit the pointer of more than 670 million by the end of 2020, which is 48% of the global broadband connection base. According to the reports published in ‘The Mobile Economy: India 2016, from Groupe Speciale Mobile Association, at the end of June 2016, India is recorded to have 616 million unique mobile subscribers and the rate if booming up with a faster pace.

In the reports, GSMA also forecasts India to witness a significant growth in the number of 4G connections. While in 2015, the number of 4G mobile connectivity is declared to be three million, by the end of 2020, it is expected to reach 280 million. In addition to this, the report claimed the Indian smartphone industry to see a decent growth in the economy. As per the statistics, in 2015, the economic value generated by the mobile industry of the country is corresponding to 6.5% of the nation’s entire GDP, which has made the country gain more than $140 billion (Rs. 9 lakh crores) profit by the end of last financial year.

While publicising the report, Mats Granryd, Director General of GSMA addressed to the media with the statement which reads, the current margin of mobile subscribers a signpost for the tremendous growth which India is going to witness in coming years. This unexpected intensification in the number of mobile users in the country will powerfully shore up and facilitate the Indian government’s noble project ‘Digital India’ which is intended to enlarge the availability of broadband connectivity all over the country.

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