Great Barrier Reef is not ‘In Danger’ in spite of having bleaching evidence, UNESCO states

Great Barrier Reef avoids being added to United Nation's 'in danger' list

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO states the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is not “in danger” in spite of the very prominent evidence of extensive scaled events of massive bleaching which have as a threatening to the survival of the beautiful site.

The United Nations, in a decision that was released on Sunday, stated that it has “very serious  concerns” regarding the devastating  bleaching  which wiped out most of the reef in the year 2016 and 2017 and also added that it has “welcomed” the continued its efforts in conserving the site which is  included in the world heritages.

The report then generated post the Australian government gave updates about the condition of the reef along with the update on the development of the execution of the Reef 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan, that draws “concrete management measures for the upcoming 35 years in order to ensure the Outstanding Universal Value of the Reef is protected and preserved now and for many generations to come,” the organization stated.

UNESCO stated in its report that the state and the federal governments require making “accelerated efforts” to meet the targets of 2050 LTSP.

“The World Heritage Committee strongly encourages the nation (Australia) to make accelerated efforts so as to ensure the meeting the long-term and intermediate targets of the plans, that are essential to the resilience of the property, specifically about the quality of water,” the organisation stated.

The report stated that the authorities were executing very “slow” progress in meeting the targets of water quality, which includes around 80 percent of minimization of the nitrogen runoff and around 50% reduction in the runoff of the sediment by 2025.

The officials of the government included Josh Frydenberg, the minister for environment and energy of Australia, appreciated both the decisions by UNESCO and the development on 2050 LTSP.

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