The government needs to approve HPV vaccine in India after the necessary screenings

There is urgency in adding a vaccine into the UIP programme but because of its adverse effects, it is still not permitted. There have been numerous questions raised by the government for the delayed extension of human Papilloma virus vaccine in the universal immunisation programme by the Drug Controller of India and the Indian Council of Medical Research.

The demand of the two consecutive bodies is that the vaccine for HPV is highly needed in the hospitals because every year more than 1.3 lakh new cases are registered for cervical cancer in India. These cases if not treated on time result in 70,000 or more deaths every year. These numbers are proof that how important it is to introduce the vaccine in the UIP programme. But, it comes with some adverse effects which is delaying the vaccine to get into the UIP programme.

Majorly only two companies manufacture the HPV vaccine in India. When there were trials made at first, the suspected adverse effects took the life of eight girls in a row. More than 24,000 pre-teenage girls were sent for a trial that was surveyed by ICMR and DCGI.

This controversy took place in 2009 after which the vaccine was not approved. There has been continuous pressure on the parliament made by the opposition which made it to strengthen the screening programme of HPV vaccine. However, in the global perspective, there are no side-effects recorded. There have been cases in Denmark and Japan about the auto-immune diseases triggering in females after taking HPV vaccine but no evidence or studies have been demonstrated on this cases till date to prove it.

According to a senior oncologist Dr. B.K. Raju, the most important thing to consider is the side-effects that are reported with HPV vaccination in some young girls in India before approving it nationwide. Vaccination approval for HPV is highly needed in India to rectify the disease and give relief to the young girls suffering from it.

India still does not approve preventive vaccination even in flu cases and pneumonia. This is why other treatment modes should be strengthened in order to combat the disease. HPV is not a minor disease that can be neglected for months or years for proper treatment. It requires ample amount of attention both by the medical experts and the patients to get control over it.

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