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"India has submitted its INDCs which envisages reduction of carbon intensity of its GDP by 33 to 35 percent from 2005 levels by 2030," Javadekar said.

Indian government is willing to change the rules and regulations to control pollution, said Union Environment Minister Prakash Javedkar. Recently he faced heavy criticism for not taking strict decisions to protect the environment in reply he said, rather diluting the laws his ministry is focusing to make necessary changes to protect the environment by controlling pollution level in the country.

“Actually, our government in the past eight months has showcased that we care for nature more and we have made conditions of environmental protection more stringent. We have said that more than 3,000 industries from 17 critically polluting industrial sectors should have 24×7 pollution monitoring devices to be set up at effluent discharge points and chimney stacks,” he said.

Currently, the Ministry is on the mission of reviewing pollution in industries and plans to cover 1 lakh industries with 24×7 pollution monitoring devices in coming three years. He is relying on policy-based decisions to clear all the pending cases as soon as possible and said that they will not compromise with the environmental conditions. Besides the  high-level committee for revising green laws, Javedkar has asked legal firms to step forward and help him in protecting the environment.

Javedkar said that he has 2-3 plans, however, these programs still need some changes, and he is assuming to come out with necessary changes to be taken to protect the environment hopefully by the end of March. Clean air, water, power and green surroundings have been identified as the prime areas of focus in the mission.

In addition, satellite images of rivers and other areas will be taken to identify the polluted areas. Government has abolished the use of plastic bags as they are non-biodegradable and pollute the environment. Javedkar said that any stock of plastic bags will be seized.

Moreover, he requested people to try not to pollute the environment. His aim is in compliance with PM Modi’s  mission of Clean India where PM said that by cleaning the environment, one is serving the country.

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