Government approaches local manufacturers to launch smartphones under Rs. 2000

Micromax Cheap Phone

The Indian government has approached local mobile phone companies to launch economic transaction enabled smartphones for rural people. This is another big step taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the ‘Make in India‘ movement.

According to the reports of Economic Times of India, the Indian government has asked the local brands of handset makers’ including Micromax, Intex, Lava and Karbonn to launch low-cost phones. The news came into limelight after the meeting hosted recently by Niti Aayog.

The government has asked them to launch phones which must be able to make its way through the digital transaction. The meeting was held only for the Indian local handset brands. Foreign companies like Samsung, Apple and others were not found attending the meeting.

One of the senior executive of Economic times who attended the meeting quoted “The government has begun enabling digital transactions, which are growing exponentially now, but they realize that there aren’t that many low-cost smartphones in the market.”

Some other reports from the same sources have reported that the government is pushing these handset companies to build in approximately 20-25 million handsets into the market at a go. Even the government subsidy is ruled out.  In place of that, the government is asking these companies to come up with solutions tobring budget phones into the market. The budget phones must have capabilities to allow financial transactions.

Another senior executive said, “The government’s aim is to allow financial transactions from anywhere, devices which should also have the ability to scan Aadhaar-based financial transactions in the future.”

The companies are now planning to chalk out plans which will reduce the cost of smartphones and enable to bring budget phones in the market. This plan is especially for the rural part of the country to make India go cashless and popularize Make in India movement of India.

According to the current reports out of one billion populations, only 300 million of citizens use smartphones. This project can cover up the remaining portion of the population and finally make India go cashless and digitalize India to 100 percent.

Via: Economic Times

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