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Reaching the deadline for submitting comments to the discussion forum at on the draft report submitted by the DoT (Department of Telecommunications), shifts it from August 15. People can now share their views on the debating topic, till August 20.

The government had provided a discussion forum at the website, allowing people to express and share their views on the hot topic Net Neutrality. Revealing the deadline, it has states, “Through this forum of My Gov, we invite valuable comments and suggestions on the report and recommendations before 20th August, 2015, 5.00PM.”

As of now, the forum has received more than 57K supporting comments. However, the figures are on counting as people are still showing their aggression towards the draft report. One of the commenters, Divya Gangaramani says, “Can we for once choose what is essential over the monopoly of the already rich giants? Net Neutrality is what we want and we want it as we like it. Not some pseudo definition that defines freedom of accessibility.”

“Please Don’t allow Zero Rating Ever!” a user Karthickumar K says regarding the Airtel’s Zero Rating Plan. “Zero rating allows large companies to act as gatekeepers of the Internet, and control which services Indians can access, must be prohibited. The DoT draft recommendations are too weak on this, and the Govt must take a strong stand to protect users.”

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The special thanks goes to AIB (All India Bakchod) for releasing an urging video, which shows that how much critical the issue is. It also asks the viewers to register and share their comments at the respective website. In addition, AIB also explains how the telcos and officials are treating the Net Neutrality.

The responses received before the deadline will be considered by the government to take the decision on the issue along  with TRAI’s suggestions following the consultation process.

Apart this, people are commenting on the issue in other forums running in the website as well, which includes discussion on ‘Innovative Measures for Ministry of Culture.’

The report submitted by the DoT panel has already created a furor. As it states to charge the domestic VoIP calls made by the services like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc. In addition, the report opposes to the plans like which allows access to certain websites without mobile data charges. However, it supports a similar plan called Airtel Zero Rating and other plans like it by taking prior consent from TRAI.

Net Neutrality Committee Report

Summary Note on Recommendations

First published on Aug 15, 2015,  07:50 PM

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