Google will first release Project Ara smartphone in Puerto Rico

A modular phone which you can customize on the go according to your needs

Google Inc. has chosen the Puerto Rico island as the first destination for the Project Ara to land. The Internet giant is expected to release this exciting modular smartphone anytime after the second quarter of the year 2015. The Project Ara is composed of modules that can allow you to disassemble and reassemble the phone for you to replace or repair the components without replacing the entire phone.

The announcement was made at the second Google Project Ara Developers Conference where the company said that they would be providing this phone to the people living in Puerto Rico, where half of the population uses smartphones. Also, more than 75% of the mobile users use the Internet on the phone itself.

The Internet giant will be able to know the reaction of the people about Project Ara on a number of facts. First, the company will know the potential demand for the product, it will have a pricing feedback, and will know which telecom companies are ready for adopting it. Google will provide this phone with a modular screen, keyboard, battery and a microprocessor. All of these components are interchangeable and can be removed or added as per the user’s choice.

Over 20 different modules ranging from 3G, 4G and wireless connectivity modules, new screen, camera, speakers and faster processors are available for the Project Ara. It can even be equipped with the modules that can measure your heart rate or the sugar level in the blood. Each of the module will be held in the device with the help of magnets that can be helpful in swapping of the components on the go.

Google hasn’t reveal the pricing of the device yet, however, the reports suggest that the company will sell these devices in the Puerto Rico through food-truck like shops. If we believe in the rumors each smartphone, will cost around $400 ( ~24,000 INR), whereas the separate modules can have a price up to $60 (~3,600 INR).

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