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The recent digital India scheme by the government has revolutionized our economy sector and has made India a famous hotspot for global software companies due to profitable market of middle class professional and the fact that billion of people are still unaware of web or are using through smartphones.

On Wednesday, in an event at New Delhi, Google put forth policy that will contribute in making India a hub of development, growth, and innovation. Google will build an expensive new campus in Hyderabad, provide new opportunities of recruitment in India and will train 2 million developers on Android platform through a collaboration with the National Skill development Corporation of India over the next three years.

Google has also made public, two new projects to boost its ‘grandstand’ in the deepest part of the country. The first project is “LOON” which aims to develop a network of high altitude, internet bearing balloon that will connect rural and urban areas with ‘no cables or optical fiber grid’ which is a mess up feature in India.

The second project is “TAP TO TRANSLATE”, a new translation service, which will ‘detect and convert’ any real world text when a phone’s camera is pointed at it. This feature will translate any text within any app in android phone, even If you’re offline. The project will be started by next year.

They are also making search easy by installing multiple Indian languages in search engine’s voice recognization software, making it easy for users interested in local topics like cricket and Bollywood.

According to TAMAR YEHOSHUA, VP of the search engine giant said that in October mobile searches outdid PC searches globally, but users in India crossed this mark much before in May 2013, as Indian “guys are ahead on mobile”.

The Company also plans to increase its web footprint in India and across the world’ as large population is still unidentified of internet grid.

Marion Croak, VP of access, said that hopefully Project LOON, which is for rural communities will soar, as only a few people are connected to the Internet. This solution invented in India is going to revolutionized the whole perspective of solving problem in the world because India is a challenging country.

Sundar Pichai, 43-year-old, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, is the latest tech leader to visit India after Jack Ma, chairperson of Alibaba, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, and Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. Pichai delivered the fact that when he joined Google in 2004, India had only two offices while today it has increased to four. As to why he joined, he said that he like the fact that Google search worked the same way for an Indian kid as it worked for a professor.

Google targets on the next billion people to come online by inducing Indian language in its software and enabling 500 railways station with Wi-Fi. They took initiative where rural women will be given bicycles by Google and will reach out to other women in nearby areas to help them come online. Google has tied up with Tata Trust and is currently running it in 1,000 villages. Pichai said the aim is to scale it up to 3, 00,000 villages over the next three years.

Last year he visited to launch ‘android one’, a programme collaborated with handset companies like Spice, Micromax, Lava, and Karbonn. Though, they are still silent on net neutrality which they supported in U.S.

With the technological access becoming a necessity, it is noteworthy to see how well Google’s plan for expansion will be executed as India has got both the market as well as technological talent. With the government’s agenda of promoting business and skill development, India is surely going to be the next heaven for this silicon champion.

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