Google to visage penalty due to its Anti-Competitive Practices: EU confirms

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The introduction of Google has no doubt brought up a solid revolution in the realm of the web. Being the most driving internet searcher, Google symbolizes the ideal movement of innovation, the perfect combination of modernization, and houses the data about the whole earth.

Now, a few approaches of are claimed to make Anti-Competitive prospects in the web world, driving the search giant towards the edge of legal disaster. And on this matter, EU antitrust regulators are planning to charge a penalty on Google. Alphabet’s Google is alleged to pay smartphone makers to make its search engine app pre-installed on their handsets and following such reports, UE is now on its way to ask Google Search to stop paying financial initiatives to other smartphone companies and warned the company of a huge fine.

A report published by EU clearly indicating the organisation to take action against Google’s Anti-Competitive Practices for promoting its search engine and fine a significant amount of penalty for these violating steps taken by the search engine giant. This is not a new case of controversy for Google with UE as it previously also reported about such argument with the regulatory agency. However, according to the latest news, Google has wound up a new fight with the EU after its antitrust controllers explored the money related motivating forces Google pays out to smartphone makers to introduce its search applications on their gadgets.

As per the published documents, UE will charge a heavy levy amount as a penalty if the organization doesn’t’ stop providing monetary amenities to the smartphone makers. The anti-competitive practices of Google are reported to commence from January 2011 and after notices and legal actions, the process in still going on. However, a new report running on more than 150-pages was published, requesting the feedback from the complainants last week and the action against the anti-competitive practices of Google will take place after examining the comments thoroughly.  In April, Google also received a copy in which the European Commission charged it for utilizing its Android mobile operating system aggressively to keep off rivals, and this is for the second time, Alphabet’s Google again accused of following Anti-Competitive tracks for promoting its Search engine app on smartphones.

In the documents, the commission explicitly mentioned that Google couldn’t force or threaten an organization to pre-install its search engine; neither can it facilitate them with any monetary facilities for promoting its services or push them to comply with its policies. However, when asked to the spokesperson of UE, he declined to give any comments on this matter. But on the other hand, Google is found to defend it by saying that, all the services of the company are designed to satisfy both consumers and competitors equally, and there is no violation of any rules.

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