Google undertakes review of the Search Results in Play Store; some minor changes are to be introduced

Over past few months, Google has brought up a number of test features into its Play Store. Starting from the modification of application cards design, to download queue, and the complete revamping of the review segment, the tech behemoth is found to centre on enhancing the application for delivering better user experience.

Now, with an intention to further that experience, Google now is testing a server-side change identified with search items in the Play Store, reports Android Police. The search feature is one of the most pivotal components of the Play Store and has gotten a lot of criticism from users for being dreadful. They may be algorithmic and precise however do not have the quite required data about the application you’ve exclusively searched and to kick out these issues, Google is now going to bring up some minor changes to its Play Store including a cluster of modifications to the app listing and trending part, alongside a significant switch to the search results.

In a server-side amend; Google Play Store’s search results are getting a slight titivate and is reported to facilitate the searchers with the option of the direct link for the App installation. Simply putting, while searching for a particular app, Google play Store will give the users the direct download link for the specific application.

Among other new transformations of Play Store, Google has facilitated an easier manner for installing apps quickly. Particular search keywords like Chrome or Imgur will tell off a card at the apex of the search results which embraces a few fundamental details of the app like download totals, ratings, and, the title and icon of the app.  In addition, users will also get the option to install, uninstall and open the app.

What’s more??? Well, Google is also reported to bring a completely upgraded UI for its Play Store including new shading options, install size in runoff menu, app carousel under the search bar.

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