Google selling users’ personal information to advertisers


According to some of the recent reports, Google is selling users’ information to the advertisers that is collected when users sign up for Gmail, do Google Search or even watch videos on YouTube, the Internet giant has made it mandatory in terms and conditions to share personal information. The company is using this information to find the ideal customer for its advertisers, which means more information is shared to match against appropriate users.

Advertisers are willing to pay the Internet giant a good amount so that their ads can be served to more relevant and ideal customers. For example, mobile phone sellers want to target the gadget lovers, insurance companies want to target a group that is comprises of employees.

Internet giant defines a lot of algorithms to grab users information during different processes such as signing up on Gmail and Google Maps or via an Android phone. Users have to provide their personal information such as name, phone number and location. Google also keeps a record of search queries made by the user.

How to find what Google knows about you:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on  “Account history.”
  3. Under “Related Settings” Box, go to Ads and click on “Edit settings.”
  4. This page shows you what Google thinks it knows about you including your age bracket.

Moreover, Google’s latest take on email, Inbox is becoming very popular among smartphone users. One of its main features is Bundles. With this feature, Inbox automatically labels incoming emails as Travel, Purchases, Social, Finance, Updates, Forums or Promos. Some of these, like Travel and Purchases, make sense as all emails related to your travel plans or latest purchases are shown in one place, without leaving the main interface.

Inbox is available by invite basis only, and will only work on Chrome for PC, Mac and Linux. It is probably due to the fact that currently Inbox is in its beta release. Google is using to test the new service out, once Inbox is open to everyone, it will may come to other browsers also.

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