Google roll outs AMP for Mobile Search Results in India

Google starts AMP rollout for Mobile Search Results in India

For many of us, reading contents on the web is a moderate, awkward and baffling practice – however, it doesn’t need to be that way. But now, with the revolutionary initiative – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), taken by Google, readers can experience instant, faster, and real-time information on the internet. The AMP Project is an open source movement backed by Google, which is composed of an open source program that will enable the publishers to make the page load faster on the mobile devices. On 24th February 2016, Google authoritatively incorporated the listing of AMP into its mobile search results. However, the official rollout was used to be in the pipeline and on Wednesday, Google officially announced rolling out of AMP for Mobile Search Results in India.

As declared by Google, the mobile search results which have the compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages will be enriched with a ‘lightning’ icon next to them, which will drive the searchers to web pages that take comparatively less time to load. As per the previous declaration, Google confirmed that the search results themselves won’t be altered and that Accelerated Mobile Pages won’t be prioritised.

Earlier this year, in February, Google launched AMP technology for the Top Stories carousel in mobile search results. However, the search engine giant kept its exclusive to news rather than dispatching it for all types of contents and search results. But on Wednesday, Alphabet owned Google removed the exclusive tag of News-only from the AMP and extended the application of AMP to all supported pages of the search results in mobiles until September. However, this non-news support for AMP results will be exclusive to India for now, as Google hasn’t yet given any clue about the rollout of this in other countries.

Google with its ground-breaking project – Accelerated Mobile Pages for mobile search results promises its esteemed users to experience web pages loading and search results faster and at more lightning speeds. As per the official statistics, since last year, more than 600 million Accelerated Mobile Pages documents have created on Google worldwide, accompanying more than 104 languages. Google AMP for mobile search results in India embraces many news and non-news sites like Aaj Tak, NDTV, The Indian Express, and Zomato. AMP of Google is like a bare-bones version of a website which is designed to enable the page load much faster and speedier than the traditional web pages. As claimed by Google, AMP can speed up the loading time up to 10 times.

Since its launch in India, AMP of Google has been utilized by several publishers, creating a better and lighter platform of internet users to enjoy mobile search results. Internationally, the Washington Post has witnessed a 23% boost in the volume of mobile search users and an 88% progress in web page load time for AMP content in comparison to the traditional mobile web results. In addition to the wide embracing of AMP, internet users have also clinched Google’s several enrichments for Accelerated Mobile Pages over the last year.

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