Google reportedly planning to provide cellular services


Google is probably making its way ahead in the telecom industry by providing users with its own mobile phone and data plans in the US. Primarily, lying on the existing infrastructure of the T-Mobile and Sprint, the users in the country will be able to avail yet another carrier option and plans from the Internet giant.

Launching a mobile network in the country will probably put more competition among carriers working in US. For now, Google is going to rely on the T-Mobile and Sprint network hardware, however, may set up one its own in the near future.

There isn’t much of information available about the new product, except the fact that it has been code named as ‘Nova’ and is likely to launch this year under the supervision of Nick Fox, a Google executive.

It is without a doubt that the Google has taken over existing legacy broadband networks with its Google Fibre program. The services provided by the company are nearly hundred times better than the existing one but isn’t able to reach out to the maximum number of users.

However, after launching this MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), Google would have an instant reach to almost every person living in the United States — thanks to the widespread network of T-Mobile and Sprint.

Presenting itself as a mobile carrier company, Google, from the very beginning, can create much of  competition, which will possibly benefit the end user. The move can also help the company support its various projects, including the Project Loon.

Currently, MVNO is illegal in India for the fact that government auctions the bands to the companies, and then their license is renewed over a period. However, in UK, telecom companies, such as Virgin Mobile, are already working on these types of technologies. It would be interesting to see how Google performs with it.

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