Google pulls plug on Glass Explorer edition for redesign

Amazing! Brain takes help of eyes to hear and ears to see
It was found that participants performed very poor when sound and light were played alone as they found light source to be much closer to the screen while sound source appeared to originate from the peripheral of the screen. However, when the light and sound were played simultaneously then nearly all participants identified the exact location of the source correctly.

Google Inc. is now putting the sales of Google Glass Explorer edition to a halt. The end certainly doesn’t signify the fall of Google Glass, but it’s just a cutoff which company has promised to revoke with the Glass resurfacing as an independent unit.

Google is ending the sales on 19th January 2015, and probably regain it in the coming few months. Until now the Glass have been a complete flop, and just to play with it, the chosen Explorers have to burn a hole in their pockets with $1500. There was a lot of chatter among folks about the public release of Google Glass, however, that failed too.

The halt can also mean nearly 30,000 abandoned Explorers and end of the Google Glass. There are several reasons where Google failed with Glass. Firstly, the company is about the Internet and knows little about the hardware, the price, and the legacy invite-only approach limited the reach of Google Glass.

Certainly there have been some design issues too. Google failed to provide a design that goes with the fashion needs; it doesn’t blend with the suit and ties. The quality of the projection glass had some serious issues regarding the coating, and Explorers had a terrible time getting it fixed over and again.

According to Google, Glass was a good-to-go while driving, however, several researches proved that it is equally distracting as using a smartphone in the car. Even though Google tried to debunk these myths, it was without a doubt that it’s a threat to privacy.

Google Glass, which has a little projecting glass lying just above your eyes, was hated and loved at the same time. While most of them considered it as a threat to privacy, Google Glass Explorers’ feedback helped the company to eliminate its issues. Google Glass has proved to be first wearable that sticks to your head and provides you an handsfree access to all the features you may need from a smartphone. However, there was no other feature Glass would have provided, and for the same reason, developers started abandoning it.

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