Google to Prohibit All Torrent Sites from its Search Platform; Eyes on Brushing Off ‘Piracy’

The Pirate Bay

Google, the biggest search engine, is hitting hard on ‘Piracy’ and in a breakthrough to kick out it completely; soon it is going to boycott all Torrent sites from its platform. With the aim to make its wrestle against piracy more ferocious, the Alphabet-owned search engine is planning to ban all of the Torrent sites from its search platform. It means, soon torrents sites will be unable to serve results on Google. It is a revolutionary step from Google, which can also help out other search engines to deal with cyber bootlegging efficiently.

In this project of combating piracy by boycotting Torrent sites, Google is not the only search engine to take part. Some other leading search engines like Bing is also working on introducing stringent measures to counteract the torrent sites. According to the new report published by TorrentFreak, Google recently condemned big motion pictures and Hollywood representatives for encouraging piracy. While on the other hand, the opposite parties have also started protesting against this bold decision of Google and Bing.

A year back, Google was landed in a controversy for criminally removing links from its search result platform, and it is also allegedly violated the copyright by following this measure.  At the same time, India also came up with the prohibition news of the illegitimate torrent search engine and torrent sites, in order to combat counterfeiting of web contents.

Despite the introduction of downloading torrent contents as a punishable offence by the Indian government, other countries have kept on supporting Torrent contents and sites, indirectly promoting piracy. However, the new initiative of Google is expected to bring some remarkable changes in web platform and somehow combating the counterfeiting of web contents.

According to the report given by Baroness Buscombe from the UK to Torrent Freak, “All the search engines involved in this mission, including Google and Bing are extremely co-operative. The new measures will not only roll out advancements to their algorithms and procedures but also will help them to work respectively with creative industry delegates to investigate the alternatives for new intercessions and the methods how the existing processes may be streamlined.”

The new report also stated that recently a conference took place between UK’s Intellectual Property Office and web companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing as well as Hollywood representatives for a thorough discussion on the new policy of Google. Initially, the new measures are expected to roll out in the UK, which later will be spread out to a global ban.

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