Google Play surpasses Apple Inc App Store count

Google Play surpasses Apple Inc App Store count

Apple Inc. had a head start in 2014 through its latest technologies but according to appFigures, by the end of 2015 rival Google will have a new superlative to brag about. It is the first time when Google Play store is having more apps than the Apple App Store. Figures state that the Play Store is standing high with 1.43 million apps, whereas, the App Store is just behind that with only 1.21 million apps.

Even though App Store received a growth of 90 percent last year, Google surpassed it with a couple of hundred thousand apps. Apple iPhone and iPad are known for having more number of apps than any other product from the company.

“Apple’s strict review process for the app, is paying off for Google,” Ariel Michaeli, co-founder of says. “Apple rejects a lot of apps and it is either becoming too difficult for developers to create iOS apps. Google is just becoming more lucrative.It is easier to submit apps to the Play store compared to App Store. How strict Apple is, often to the point of frustrating their developers with the vague rules that give Apple the ability to reject or pull apps without notice.”

Moreover, it is the third year in a row when Google beats Apple in the number of new developers debuting in its store. Google’s store hired nearly 388,000 new developers, which is more than Apple and Amazon collectively, i.e., 282,000 and 48,000 respectively.

In addition to this, an another appFigures chart shows that Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore tied at 160 percent of growth in hiring new developers, last year. Meanwhile, rival Google hovered around 175 percent of this increase.

Mr. Michaeli further added that the primary reason for the lag of App Store seems to be the Swift programming language, which was unveiled in the mid of last year. The Swift programming language was based on Objective-C, and Apple said that this programming language can be used for writing a mere ‘Hello World’ program to a full-fledged operating system.

“Apple came out with Swift, which is supposed to be easier than [the programming language] Java and anything else on the market,” he says. “Swift is not an evolution of Apple’s current technology but rather a new language created from scratch that’s based on newer coding standards and is not only simpler to use but also easier to learn.”

The second reason for the lag suggested by him is the selection criteria, both the tech giants have a different selection criteria, and they are going after two distinctly different markets. iTunes seems to be attempting to become the go-to marketplace for business apps. Last year, the fastest growing app categories for Apple developers were Business, Food & Drink, Lifestyle, and Social Networking.

Whereas, Google Play is going after the market that its name implies. The top growing app categories were games, photography, and music.


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