The Project Loon Google Tecake

Noteworthy Google is planning to launch some balloons in India to provide Internet access in the country. In India, a majority does not have access to the Internet, however, when connected its potential can be unmatched.

Like other tech giants, Google is also now focusing on India because of a previous report that suggests 300 million Internet users are there in India without proper resources for connectivity. According to a survey, only 8 percent of them can avail the broadband. Analysts say that the project will also help in increasing the market value of the company.

As per some media reports, Google is negotiating with the Indian Government to propose its Project Loon that conceive launching high-altitude balloons to provide high-speed internet access to the people of the country. The setup doesn’t include complex wirings as they were present in traditional landline-based or satellite-based connections.

In addition, VP of business Innovation as Google X, Mohammad Gawadat told that the company is planning to introduce a venture that will enable Intenet access to “every square inch” on earth by 2016 as Google is currently working ‘closely’ with governments and telecom companies, all around the world.

Previously, Project Loon was launched as an experiment in New Zealand. In that, 20 balloons were sent to a height of 20 Km above the Earth’s surface and they remained almost steady with the wind. According to a Google+ post, using an autofill equipment, only 20 balloons can be launched in a day, however, it can fill a balloon in just five minutes.

Gawadat said that Project Loon balloons can last ten times longer than those which were launched in the year 2013. Earlier, the balloons had a life of nearly 100-130 days, however, after reaching in the stratosphere, their existence increased substantially.

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