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Which phone has a better camera? iPhone 7 Plus vs Google Pixel XL: Check Out

Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus

Few months have passed since the legendary phones of 2016, Apple iPhone 7 and Google Pixel XL, were launched in by the two tech giants. And several reviewers and tech geeks have shared their opinions on the Internet suggesting the which one is better option to choose. But still those who want to purchase a flagship smartphone are getting confused between the two as both of the companies have given their best efforts to make a unmatchable handset.

So we have decided to offer a comparison between the camera performance of the two smartphones. Have a look:

Google Pixel XL

The Google Pixel XL smartphone is creating so much hype in the smartphone market, the smartphone is claimed by the company to boast best smartphone camera ever. Also, the reviewers are comparing its camera pairs with the professional DSLR camera. In addition, some people using the handset are fans of its performance.

So clearing out readers that it is not a myth anymore that the smartphone comes with the best camera ever.

Camera Specs

With f/2.0 aperture and 1.55um pixels drawing in maximum light, the point and click experience seems promising. With a 12.3 megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front camera, all you budding photographers can click your best. Also, DXOMark gives the rear camera 89 points, the highest points ever for any smartphone.

Google Pixel Lens

App Update

The company really has been putting its efforts to offer best photography experience to its users. And for the same, Google has recently launched an update, after acknowledging the lens flare issues in its recently launched Pixel phones, Google is whispered to bring a software update for bug fixing in the mid-November.

Bug Fixes

After receiving so many complaints about the malfunction in the camera app, Google is gearing up to fix the issues with the minor update, which is expected to dispatch by the end of November. The lens flare issues are found in most of the Pixel devices, causing the drop in image quality when piercing directly at an intense light source.

Google, soon after launching the Pixel smartphones on October 13, started receiving complaints from a number of users about the ‘Arc Flare’ aka ‘Halo effect’ on images clicking from the Pixel phones.

Isaac, the admin of Google Pixel device in a blog said, “Users are going to have a refreshed software update in the next couple of weeks which is completely intended to will fix the camera lens issues of Pixel smartphones. Currently, the technical team of Google is working on some algorithms which will identify the Halo or ARC flare effects in the camera portion of the Pixel Phones. However, he mentioned that the users need to have HDR+ to grab the benefits of this new software update.”

iPhone 7 Plus

The recently launched Apple iPhone 7 Plus is touted as the best image snapping camera phone till date. The 12 MP wide-angle lens and 12 MP telephoto lens of the iPhone 7 Plus shooter enables the users to click DSLR-like photographs and videos. In addition, the image and video hosting website, Flickr reported that iPhone models occupy top 10 positions in the list of best camera phones, including iPhone 6, 5s, 6s, and rest.

Following are the photography points that makes the iPhone 7 a good camera phone:

Shoot with the Perfect Light

To get the perfect light for a shot, the manufacturer suggests to tap and hold anywhere on the display of the phone in order to lock AE/AF and then gently slide up or down and play with the exposure depending on the situation of the user.

Better Zoom

If a user wants to take a better digital zoom of almost 10x, the iPhoneallows them to use the optical zoom with dual 12 MP camera and it will give the excellent shot even if the object, which is required to be captured, is far away from the user.

Apple Photography 4

Use 4K Video

Using 4K video is extremely prescribed to shot the videos with improved optical image stabilisation and built-in f/1.8 aperture setting. This will not only enhance the video quality but also make it crisp, colourful and look brighter.

Time-lapse Video

The iPhone 7 also allows users to make much smoother time-lapse videos than ever before. Users are enabled with the device to shoot time-lapse videos and get a closer view of the object’s actions.

Apple Photography 6

Capture Photo

Most of the times it happens that we would want to click a photo of a particular action along with recording it. Here’s the solution! The users are also allowed to snap an image while recording video through an iPhone 7 by just tapping on the white icon, next to the red record button.

Landscape Mode is the Best – To get the best video recorded, capturing it in the landscape mode is highly recommended.

Capture HD Video

Everyone wants to capture HD photos and videos today. With the latest iPhone, users can now shoot HD quality videos by just adjusting the camera settings, enabling the Record Video at 60 FPS option, which will allow them to record videos to 1080p HD video.

Apple Photography 9

Focus the Photo

If you need the focus of the photo to be at one point of the frame, the iPhone 7 also enables the users to simply lock the auto focus or auto exposure at the point of focus.


Debates trending on Twitter like “Google shouldn’t try to be Apple” is a fallacy. Rather than suppressing its capabilities, Google played to its strengths.

What do you want in a phone, solely depends on you and it influences your expectations and demands. The features available in Pixel, if are what you have been searching for, your prayers just got answered.

Yes, the Google Pixel is a lot of money, but it is the real deal. It is a flagship product which commands flagship price. Fair enough. Apple and Samsung just got a run for their money. With the Pixel, Google keeps things nice and easy.

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Rishabh Rajvanshi

Rishabh, with six years of experience in the newspaper industry, has co-founded The TeCake in 2013. Apart from writing and editing articles on Technology at The TeCake, he also contributes to other esteemed newspapers.

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  • The Pixel camera is great but it is the assistant that puts it in a different category than any other smartphone or any smart device.

    We had the Echo since it was launched and now also have the Google Home with the Assistant like the Google Pixel.

    Basically the Echo you use commands where you talk to the Google Home naturally. The Echo will handle some fuzziness but fundamentally they are variations to commands instead of fundamentally understanding what you are saying.

    Love the Echo but the Google Home is in a totally different category. Last night wanted to listen to a song and I all I had was “hey google, play madonna song from penn movie” Live to Tell starts playing. You just can not do similar with the Echo. Amazon did add a command that is “alexa play that song that goes X. But rarely used it as one you had to say the command correctly but more I do not remember how “Live to Tell” goes. Just remember it was used in a move and Madonna sang it and Penn (did not remember his first name) was in the movie it was from.

    In the end I said it once and my song started playing. Did not look up a command or how to say or anything first.

    BTW, Google Home does have me shortening my english more and more. So for the song I would now say “madonna penn movie song”. I believe because of the Google inference ability more and more we will use condensed English as the rest of the words are NOT necessary to get across the message.

    That is what is so cool about inference. We humans are able to compress our messages by using inference. But it depends on who we are talking to. With Google you are basically talking to one person that just knows a lot of junk.

    This, to me, is why you buy the Pixel.

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