Google Pixel 2 users reportedly facing voice messaging issue; company assures a fix  

Many of the Google Pixel 2 XL users have complained about the phone, both in terms of hardware and software in the past. The phone that sports one of the best cameras for the year 2017 has been criticised a lot for its low screen quality and audio-related issues that seem to pop up time and again. The recent audio-related issue pops up out of nowhere and is the one that is related to the sound output level of voice clips recorded on the Pixel 2 XL through a messaging app. The recipient receives the clip with a minimal volume level and when they to increase the sound level to maximum or by using headphones, the low volume still persists.

As per several Pixel 2 XL users who have posted their complaints on the Pixel User Community thread, this newly discovered bug has caused limiting in the sound level when the voice messages are recorded. Additionally, the issues seems to be affecting the voice messages sent via instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Allo and some others.

The issue was originally thought to be related to WhatsApp particularly, but later many users confirmed that the bug was observed in other apps like Snapchat, Google Allo and Telegram.

It is said that the affected Google Pixel 2 XL units are running on both Android 8.0 Oreo OS as well the latest Android 8.1 Oreo OS. The users who updated their Pixel 2 XL phones to the latest January security patch are saying that it did not solve the bug.

Notably, the issue seems to be affected only to the Google Pixel 2 XL as no Pixel 2 users have reported to face such an issue. The company is looking into the matter and assured a fix that has not yet seemed to have reached the Pixel units.

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