Gogle pixel 2 launched

A new line of devices will launch on Wednesday by the Alphabet Inc. for the festive shopping season. However, if Google’s production of its hardware is worth the cost, this could be determined by company’s event.

The important things which Google will reveal in the event held in San Francisco are the next generation flagship phones of Google. Although, the information about these smartphones was leaked last month.

Two all new smartphones named Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL whereas Pixel 2 XL is larger for sure. The features which are expected from the series are an updated daydream virtual reality setup, a new high-end Chromebook and a mini version of Google’s home smart speaker.

While the surprise element could be missing from the event, it would be fascinating to see whether the event can convince the media and investors that company’s hardware strategy is chance worthy and can Alphabet Inc give a challenging competition to the Apple Inc.

Creative Strategies Principal Ben Bajarin said that the firm needs to assure everyone that the hardware approach is justified, this is a costly attempt. Also if this is the plan company needs to remain devoted to, the company need to take significant share. As the products need to compete with some of strongest lineup in the market and it’s not easy as it used to once.

It is very tough to sustain if you are not providing excellent quality product along with innovative technology because nowadays the smartphone market has cut-throat competition.

Alphabet Inc. committed a 1.1 billion dollar deal with HTC Corp. that will bring the hardware talent and license from the hardware partner which has been vital to the Pixel line. Meanwhile, Google is substituting on the bet the company made last year while introducing the Pixel as a challenge to Apple’s iPhone, subsequently leaving most hardware design and manufacturing to partners like Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Google has sold only about 2 million Pixel phones as per the analysis of Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research. Whereas, Apple sold that number of iPhones in half a week, on an average, last year. Last Pixel model didn’t see the number of sale like Apple, and the reason could be Google initially gave Verizon a particular deal to sell the phones, as per analyst Dawson. Also, the reasons are the limited supply, limited distribution and that they were not distinguished in the market. These things need to change to raise the sales.

The expected unveiling of smartphones is set for 4 October of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL along with the hardware event of Google. As leaks don’t show any wow factor in the devices, let’s see if Google is capable of surprising us.

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