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Though, India comes at very lower rank among the other developing countries on the basis of Internet speed, the Internet giants can’t ignore the huge figures of Internet users in the country. Taking this into considerations, Google has shown is efforts to optimise the Internet using experience to a next level. Previously, the company has announced its plans to launch lightweight pages for Indian users.

The firm has reportedly partnered to several Internet companies including Adobe, WordPress, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin to ‘make the mobile web experience better for everyone’. While, Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,,Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn are among the first group of technology partners planning to integrate AMP HTML pages.

In a post on its official blog, Google announced its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source project that aims to change the way users experience the mobile web. The blog states that for many, the mobile web is not more than a ‘slow, clunky and frustrating experience.’ The project will allow the mobile phone to optimise the content and load the pages instantly.

The company said. “The project relies on AMP HTML, a new open framework built entirely out of existing web technologies, which allows websites to build light-weight webpages. To give you a sense of what a faster mobile web might look like, we’ve developed this demo on Google Search:”


For the content to be optimised in mobile devices, the distribution network is expected to be more optimised. However, an allocated amount on web services of AMP project mentions the possibility of preserving ‘the open web publishing model and revenue streams so important to the sustainability of quality publishing.’

“We hope the open nature of Accelerated Mobile Pages will protect the free flow of information by ensuring the mobile web works better and faster for everyone, everywhere,” Google added further.

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