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Google Meet Apk v2021.01.24.355466926: Get this app here for free!

Google Meet Apk

Introduction to Google Meet Apk

Working from home is the trend of recent times. Everyone prefers to do everything online. For that purpose, we have brought you the most reliable application, “Google Meet APK,” with lots of benefits.

This application is easy to use and has a professional touch in it. It is one of the most user-friendly video conferencing apps of recent times with straightforward user interference. Nowadays, everyone has an email id, and most of them use Gmail as their mailing application. So, there must be no lack in the accessibility of Google Meet.
This application has no complications. You can join any meeting with one click, or you can also create one. The invitation link for a meeting can be sent to anybody, and they can join with just one touch.

One of the best things about the Hangouts Meet app is how easy it is. The program works flawlessly with the calendar. Since the Google Meet app can only be used for video conferences, it will not take up any extra space.
This awesome video conferencing platform can be downloaded from various common outlets such as the App Store, Google Play Store, and other well-known websites. However, not all of them have the most up-to-date edition.

Hangouts Meet was created to assist work-groups for various purposes while they are unable to meet in person.
The app is a lifesaver for people who want to plan their meetings and keep them on track. You can now host meetings directly from Gmail, thanks to a new update.

Here, we are providing you the well updated, latest version of this application with all the benefits. Now you can add up to 100 participants at a time and continue the meeting for an unlimited time.
Therefore, read this whole article to get this amazing app on your smartphone.


Name Google Meet Apk
Publisher Google LLC
Version v2021.01.24.355466926
OS Android 5.0+
Category Video Calling
MOD Features Available
Size 18 Mb
Google Play Link

Google Meet Apk: Features

Create or Join:

Wish to host a meeting or have an important meeting to attend? Google Meet is the right place to do them both. With a capacity of up to 100 participants, google meet provides a great platform to conduct official meetings. You can attend the meetings by staying at home and sitting in a comfortable position.

It improves the relationship between bosses and workers. Furthermore, it offers a great forum for all employees to express their opinions clearly. 

Safety Matters:

Observing the current volatile situation caused by the ongoing pandemic, this feature is a must-have. We don’t have a choice but to remain secure at home and maintain social distance.

This virtual platform allows people to interact with each other and express their opinions easily. One does not need to rush to the office and attend meetings and present in front of everyone. But people can convey their thoughts and present their presentations hassle-free.

Moreover, this is absolutely safe to install. Hence, it is safe for your phone as well as for your health.

Easy Screen Sharing:

It is one of the most notable characteristics of this application. It enables users to share their screens with others in order to view important data or information without causing any disruption.

The built-in grid feature gives users more accessibility. This feature is especially available in this version which we are providing you.

Smooth Controls:

The controls are simple to learn and use. Its compatibility with the majority of Android devices also makes it the perfect video conferencing platform.

The hosts must send a connection to the meeting’s appropriate attendees. So, you are just one click away from any meeting.


Long meetings? Tired of taking notes? Feeling sleepy? Don’t worry. Google Meet has got your back!

Sometimes during long meetings, a large amount of data or information flows and then vanishes in a short period of time. It becomes almost impossible for a worker to remember anything. This is where this feature comes in handy. It enables you to capture all the important meetings or conferences in the highest possible video quality. You don’t have to be concerned about your captured videos’ scale because it automatically reduces them.

Therefore, this can be considered as one of the most important features of this application.

Event Broadcasting:

You are not only allowed to attend video meetings, but you can even broadcast different events in the sectors of trade, sports, and teams, among other things. It eliminates the possibility of direct contact between employees.

Set up a proper broadcast and send or receive helpful information. And yes, it helps in increasing connectivity with others.

Key Points of Google Meet Apk:

  • The app allows users to hold unlimited HD video meetings.
  • The user only needs to share a connection that allows guests to enter the meeting with a single tap from their Google Meet mobile app or desktop browser.
  • Users can also share their slides and documents by sharing their screen with the app.
  • All Hangouts Meet video meetings are transit-encrypted, and the software includes anti-abuse features to keep the meeting safe.
  • The app includes the ability to display real-time captions, which are powered by the Google Speech-to-text app.

 Download Google Meet Apk:

  • Initially, Download the Google Meet APK from the link provided below.
  • Allow your device to install unknown sources.
  • Now install the downloaded Google Meet APK.
  • Now the application is ready to use.
  • Enjoy hassle-free meetings using this app.


Copy-paste the following Link, Download the app and Enjoy!


We are providing you the best application for conducting conferences and connecting with people all over the globe. Google Meet is user-friendly and easy to use.

One can create or join a meeting with just one tap. Moreover, this APK version has more benefits than the regular ones. Here, up to 100 participants can join at the moment. This application is used for office meetings. In fact, it is used by school children to take their classes online. It has many features like recording, broadcasting, screen sharing, which are extremely necessary to conduct a successful meeting with up to 100 participants.

Perhaps, Google Meet is certainly smooth to use and is definitely safe. So we have provided the link to download this application below for free!

Google Meet Apk: FAQs

1.Is this App safe to download?

Yes, This app is definitely safe to download.

2. Is this application available for free?

Yes, this app is available free of cost with additional features.

3. How is this app different from Google hangouts?

This app is specially designed for professional purposes like official meetings, while google hangouts are more for casual video conferences.

4. Will there be any issues while using this application?

No, there will definitely be no issues while using this application. Google Meet is designed in a way to get a smooth quality video and to conduct hassle-free conferences. The bugs are also fixed to avoid any issues.

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