Google Map’s new feature will let people explore the space

Google Map has been gained more popularity for its best location service. Apart from finding places on Earth, Google had provided a feature to the people where they can explore objects in the Space using Google’s 3D-mapping software Google Earth. Now the company has given some new information regarding its latest feature. As per the new report, people can now explore the objects in Space directly from the browsers with the help of Google Map’s Planet. The company recently adds this feature.

This new feature of Google Map will let people explore the Space from Earth. People can search for other planets and moons in our solar system. It also gets some new space bodies like the moons of Saturn, Enceladus, Mimas, and Titan.

According to Stafford Marquardt, Google’s Product manager, Recently Cassini had discovered water on the Moon’s surface which suggest life signs. Peer beneath of Titan’s thick clouds, it discovered methane lakes. Now people can visit all these places, and besides that, they can also visit other planets and moons by using Google Map direct from their computer. The only thing that people need to do is to zoom out until they reach the space.

As per the information, Previously Google Map only provided the virtual visit to Moons, Mars and the International space station. After yesterday’s announcement people will now visit 13 new worlds in the Space virtually. The 13 new worlds are Mercury, Venus, Pluto and ten moons. All these 13 planets were discovered by spacecraft Cassini. Recently, Cassini’s 20 yearlong mission ended as on September 15 it was dumped into Saturn.

Sources said, to successfully carry out the digital galactic tourism, Google collected those images from NASA and the European Space Agency. Planetary mapper and artist Björn Jónsson meld those images to place those in Maps. With this feature, people can choose any planet and roam around the planet to see the dark side of the planet. The new feature will allow the users to sees some geological landmarks.

There are some limitations in this feature. The feature has no search box in Planets. So it will be not easy to find some particular things like the Apollo mission landing sites on the moon. Apart from this,  the maps only allow to rotate up to certain degree and also restricts to zoom in at the poles.

To use this new feature, people only need to click the space page or Google Maps satellite view option and zoom out. In the end, Google will give some options like to zip over Titan, Europa, and many other space bodies.

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