In a major roundup by the Tech major, Google, the instant messaging app hangout is all set to get a facelift and be converted into a business communication tool. On Thursday, Google, made public its plans to undertake this change in a conference in San Francisco.

The hangout app will have two parts to it- one Hangout Meet for video conferences and Hangout chat for texting. Until today, Hangout has been a one-to-one chat service integrated with all other Google services such as Gmail, Google+ etc. After the launch, in the exact statement released by the company, it says, “Chat’s deep integration with G suite means shared content from Drive and Docs, or photos and videos can be viewed directly in conversations. And powerful, filterable search in Chat makes it easy to find all your content dating back to the start of the project.”

The shift in focus toward the prospective business aspect of this App that would enable team meetings and conferences online is a sure shot sign that the company has been thinking through these changes for some time now.

Some of the exceptional features of this app, that would give a tough competition to rival apps such as Skype and slack, include the bot- @meet that could enable the users to schedule meeting automatically by suggesting a meeting time based on their individual schedules and save it into Google Calendar without any third party interference. Hangout Meet can support as many as 30 members at a time over video calls and moreover, the lighter version of the app would enable this without taxing the device’s processor much. The app would be compatible with iOS, Android and all other PC OS.

This new version of the App would be integrated to other Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs and Drive for better interaction and connectivity.

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