Google to launch smartphone-exclusive search index soon: Report

The hangover of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology initiated by Google is still driving the internet users, and not long after Google has announced about introducing a separate search index for smartphones. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is designed to bring faster mobile search results in India and recently has been started rolling out, and Google; the search engine giant is reported to start working on smartphone-exclusive search index soon. As mentioned in an official post on Search Engine Land, Google is dividing its search index into detaching versions among which one will be centred on mobile users, and another will be dedicated to the users of PC and desktop.

In the quest of Google to drive a better and improved web experience, this split will make Google prioritise the mobile search index over desktop directory more. As per the sourced reports, Google is attempting to make the internet experience of mobile users more enhanced and better by bringing a separate and exclusive search engine for smartphones.

Google to launch smartphone-exclusive search index soon
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As indicated by a report in Search Engine Land, Google in planning to roll out a new and exclusive search index for mobile users in next couple of months and it is no doubt the attempt of Google to prioritising smartphones over PCs and desktop. As said in the reports, Google will maintain separate indexes for desktop and smartphones. It is the current desktop index which will be updated with the mobile version, and a new desktop version of Google Search Index will be launched in coming months.

An officer of Google, Gary Illyes has confirmed this report to Search Engine Land and said that the mobile index would be kick starting within next couple of months. However, he didn’t mention any particular timeline for the launch of this smartphone-exclusive search index.

The recently launched AMP Project centred on creating a faster platform for searchers on the internet. This project of Google is designed to address the concerns of slow loading of website loading on the web. With the application of AMP technology, a page will take less than one second to load from Google Search Engine which in other ways will save 10 times more internet data in comparison to the existing non-AMP websites. And soon after the launch of this revolutionary technology, the new split project of Google for detaching search engines for mobile and desktop will surely enhance the user experience.

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