Google to launch driverless ride-sharing service against Uber

According a recent report from Bloomberg, Uber is apparently losing one of the major investors, Google, to start its own driverless taxi service in the US. Google, which reportedly invested more than $400 million (246 Cr) in the ridesharing company, is probably looking forward to bringing a taxi service to compete Uber. However, the Internet giant is not going to hire any drivers, but the driverless cars that came out of the Google X. If reports are to be believed, the cars are already in action and the Internet giant’s employees are using to commute in the Mountain View, California.

Uber and its drivers are highly dependent on the Google Maps to pick and drop the clients. The app itself has an integration that allows it to fully exploit the Maps services, however, there isn’t confirmation whether Uber will be continuing the use of Maps, or will pay a royalty to Google after the split.

Since Google is highly expected to launch its taxi service with its driverless cars, Uber might not lag behind. The ridesharing company has already established Uber Advanced Technologies Center to take on the Google driverless cars.

Uber is well known for mistreating and ignoring the drivers’ needs, and now the company has picked up nearly 50 senior scientists from Carnegie Mellon and the National Robotics Engineering Center to develop a fleet of the autonomous robotic taxis. At least, robots won’t be having any demands and issues with the Uber’s management.

If reports are to be believed then, the company has invested a majority of what it raised until now. The amount has been estimated to be around $4Bn (24678 Cr), and the company has spent nearly 90 percent of it in developing this autonomous fleet of taxis.

However, on the other end Google has only to develop an app for the users to ride and doesn’t require any significant investments to develop driverless cars.

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