Google is reinventing emails using its AMP technology

Emails are annoying unless you are living in the 2000s and getting an email brings joy to your face.

Emails are annoying unless you are living in the 2000s and getting an email brings joy to your face. Speaking of the emails, these are electronic mails sent across the globe using mail client through the web and since it is lightning fast, people depend on it a lot but Google is here to change the very aspect of the emails, it’s dullness.

Google has introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Gmail that will enable users to get an interactive email experience while allowing companies to reinvent and be creative while sending out millions of emails a day to potential customers and more.

There’s no doubt you already know what is AMP technology that Google uses to quicken load times for news websites on the web. AMP websites are pretty lightning fast and load without any hassle on mobile phones where call it slow wifi or an annoying mobile data or say latency, full-sized websites would take a few seconds more to load but not AMP.

Gmail is, of course, reinventing its Gmail that will ease interaction right within the email so now, you won’t get any pop-ups if you click on any link or button within the email as it will directly open within the email. Want to reply to a particular email? It works simply like comments where you tap on the ‘reply’ section within the email and voila, the email has been sent.

As of now, Google is working out so-called dynamic emails for web users, however, one could expect to get an update for mobile phones too but we will have to wait for it. The new AMP emails will bring a load of features such as interactive content including buttons, video content, surveys and that’s all without any delay in loading it.

Although Google has already worked out its math for Gmail and it is slowly rolling out the same around the globe, it needs authorization from mail clients like Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc without which, you’ll simply get a simple email with nothing new to it. This is, of course, an allegation that Google is trying to set its prowess over the internet which might trigger companies like Apple and Microsoft to drop out of the game which will be a blow to Google as these companies have two of the largest mail clients as well.

Also, TechSpot pointed out that companies sending out AMP emails must set it up and get reviewed by Google before sending it out. At the moment, companies like OYO Rooms, Despegar,, redBus, Pinterest, etc are a few of the companies that have agreed to set up dynamic emails while other companies are expecting to join the wagon soon. Although it might take some time before we actually get to try out dynamic emails, it will be fun to watch how it actually pans out.

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