Google introduces new carousel search on mobile

Mountain View: Google has introduced a new carousel search that will serve the user for the latest information, photos and videos of the searched topic. Currently available only in the English language, Google Search for mobile offers result that can help you scan recent information about the topic you searched for.

“Whether you’re looking for the latest clips from The Daily Show, news about the possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone, or highlights from today’s Panthers game against the Canadiens, it can be hard to sift through all the great videos, articles, and more out there to find what interests you,” Google Search Product Manager Ardan Arac wrote in a blog post Thursday. “Now, if you search on Google on your mobile, you’ll see the freshest, most relevant content from within a single website grouped together in one easy-to-scan place.”

Google is yet to introduce it for the other websites, however, users can use it right away. On the blog post, Google explained it by taking the example of NPR, saying that if a user searches for this then, there will be a carousel of recent articles and videos will be presented on the user’s smartphone.

It will allow you swipe across several pieces displayed as a part of the carousel and the website of the topic, if available, you searched for.

Google said, “Finally, whether you’re watching the Academy Awards live on ABC this Sunday or prefer to catch up after the ceremony, we’ve got you covered. Search for the Oscars in the Google app and you’ll find everything you need, from acceptance speeches to behind-the-scenes moments, to go into your Monday morning meetings prepared to gossip.”

The update is apparently of great use as it helps in minimizing the time required to navigate for the results.

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