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Google India has rolled out on Wednesday offline access to its voice-based turn-by-turn navigation system in Google Maps. One week before the firm has revealed that it is about to announce a new feature. The roll out will now allow the users to download the navigation data of a certain area and they could access it when needed even in offline mode. The company calls it ‘Offline Maps’.

Also at Google I/O 2015, the company has revealed it several plans including to bring the offline availability to its Maps app and pointed out that it will focus on ’emerging markets” where the data charges are too high and network connectivity is weak, as the navigation system was independent of GPS.

Along with the navigational information, the Google Maps app will store information about specific locations such as hours of operation, contact information, as well as ratings which will also be accessible offline.

Google Offline MapsGoogle has explained that when a user downloads the data for an area, the app also allows him to enable turn-by-turn driving directions as well as to search for specific destinations such as nearby restaurants, ATMs, hotels etc even with no Internet connection.

Also, keeping the high data charges in consideration, Google has designed the feature to download the offline content only on Wi-Fi connectivity. When the device has Internet connectivity it will automatically switch to online mode, which enables the full version of app providing live traffic conditions for the current route.

Announcing the offline features for Maps in a post, Google said it will be arriving soon for iOS users in India.

In an emailed statement, Suren Ruhela, Director, Google Maps, said, “Having a spotty internet connection shouldn’t mean you miss your next turn. With the launch of these new offline features, like turn by turn navigation and the ability to search for places, we hope it will be easier for people in India to find their way using Google Maps.”

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