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Google announced that as part of its plans to scale training offerings for Google Apps to its customers and customers’ users, it has acquired a business technology startup founded by an Indian-origin entrepreneur.

The search engine giant has acquired Synergyse, which was founded by Varun Malhotra in the year 2013. The venture is based on the tutorials on how to use Google Apps and it will now officially deal with Google’s training programmes. However, the firm did not utter a word about the financial details of the deal.

Peter Scocimara, Google Apps operations senior director said in a blog post that the company and its thousands of Google Apps customers have been “excited” about Synergyse.

Including Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs, the Google App product suite was built to provide cloud-based productivity and communications. The services are now used by more than two million paying businesses around the world, Scocimara said.

“As more businesses sign up, we wanted an elegant way to scale our training offerings to our customers and our customers’ users,” he said adding that Synergyse builds a virtual coach inside of the Google Apps interface. With voice and text interactive modules that are searchable by topic within its apps, Synergyse will help users get up to speed quickly including when new features are rolled out.

He further added that Synergyse will be joining Google, and the company intends to make the product available as an integral part of the Google Apps offering later this year.

“By providing the right help at the right time, Synergyse will help our customers with the critical task of change management in the enterprise, and bolster the training and support programs we already offer today,” he said.

Synergyse revealed that it can accelerate its mission by joining the Google Apps team because the company will be working closer with the teams that build Google Apps.

According to his profile on his commonly page, Malhotra specialises in training and strategy and has over 10 years of experience in the enterprise space.

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