Google Fiber soon to launch 1 Gbps broadband services in India

Google Fiber India Broadband Services

After setting it up across a number of cities in the United States, Google broadband service, Google Fiber, is now turning its way towards India. As per the reports, the Internet giant is in the talk with IT Ministry to bring its services in the country as the part of Digital India program.

Google Fiber is apparently the only service that is cost effective and provides speeds up to 1 Gbps for home users, whereas, it is skyrocketing for those in the commercial sector. The speeds that are to be offered by the Google Fiber are nearly 500 times faster than any of the Internet service in India.

However, there are no confirm dates available about when the service is going to be launched in the country, and which cities will be served first. Neither the IT ministry nor the Google Fiber officials shed a word about its launch in India. However, officials from the ministry said, “We are keen to partner a company like Google in furthering the Digital India plan. Modalities have to be worked out.”

Google Fiber can revamp the Internet usage in India; it does come with a lot of perks, but one should not simply ignore the challenges and possible difficulties it comes with. In India, policies forces one to acquire licenses to provide Internet services, however, the cost for it is very high. Google now either have to afford these licenses or it can simply go forward and sign a deal with existing service providers, including BSNL and AirTel. Apparently, Google Fiber is going to put more competition among all the service providers, and we can see a clear win of the Fiber here.

As per the prices in US, Google Fiber provides a free 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload plan for a rental of $0 or 0 INR a month. Then plans moves towards $70/month and more for speeds up to 1 Gbps.

However, Google is assumed to revamp its pricing and installation fees in India to have more customers signing up for the service.

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