Google execs Sundar Pichai and Susan Wojcicki discusses on misleading web-content and other subjects

Google execs Sundar Pichai and Susan Wojcicki discusses on misleading web-content and other subjects

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki were in San Francisco for an interview on Friday hosted by MSNBC and Recode. They briefly discussed various topics including misleading news and inappropriate messages in Youtube videos.

The CEOs of Alphabet Inc. subsidiaries have pledged to scour online content and other Youtube videos more strictly for any fallacious and inappropriate matter. Pichai said with more upcoming elections, the task has become their priority and gives them a tremendous sense of responsibility; also told about the incredible hard work it requires. The elections coming up later this year will be the decisive factor about who’s going to run the Congress, presently controlled by the Republican Party.

Susan Wojcicki of Youtube mentioned about the new hirings by the video-sharing website to efficiently monitor the uploaded videos in concurrence with the computers running an artificial-intelligence software to detect and remove offensive and inaccurate material expeditiously.

Google has been long criticised for showing the misleading answers in its search results and distributing false stories on its online news service, but it seems to be actively improving by the adoption of new algorithms and strategies for content moderation. Youtube is also under investigation on confirming the fact whether Russia used the social media platform to influence the 2016 presidential election, Pichai in his statement said, “all of us are obviously very upset that somebody could have influenced the election.”

While on the subject of immigration, Pichai and Wojcicki said in concordance that the silicon valley relies significantly on the talent coming from foreign countries. The process of outsourcing job uses a variety of visa types including the H1B visa to relocate international talent to the States. Pichai added that Google actively discusses the various immigration policies with the politicians on both sides of the aisle in Washington, D.C. He further said that it is significant that the tech companies do not make immigration a “Silicon Valley versus the rest of the country” issue.

Upon being asked, the Google CEO also commented that he doesn’t regret firing the employee James Damore. Damore, an ex-engineer in Google is reportedly suing the company for discrimination against people with conservative political beliefs and white males. YouTube CEO Wojcicki supported the action by saying “it was the right decision,” who also publicly spoke earlier on how the Damore’s memo affected her personally.

The incident is almost six months old since the company has dismissed Damore, who authored a controversial 10-page memo casting gender differences including how men were more suited at coding jobs than women. Pichai said in a response that, “I regret that people misunderstand that we made this decision because of a political belief one way or another,” also criticised the news made it to the public “in such a polarised way.”

Wojcicki also commented that the act violated their code of conduct, and they had to take action regarding it. She said Damore’s writing hit the nerve because she has herself devoted her career to technology and has encouraged other women to follow suit.

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