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One of the most popular browsers, Chrome now allows its users to mute unwanted audio in individual tabs. Google Inc. has recently rolled out an update of Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is the release that removed “OK Google” hot word to trigger voice search.

The update enables the users to mute the unwanted audio, manually while browsing multiple tabs. To Mute a particular tab, all you have to do is right-click on the tab which shows the little speaker icon and select the Mute tab option. The audio icon turns into one with a slash. Repeating the steps above will unmute the page.

Earlier, the users have to install an external plug-in to the browser for the same task. By adding the feature to the stock browser itself, saves the time to search the video from which the audio is coming and saves disk space by preventing users to install the extension.

As of now, the Mozilla Firefox doesn’t feature even a speaker icon, however, the Firefox 42 beta not only shows a tab audio indicator but also enables to the similar functionality that is integrated by Google in its Chrome.

Steps to Mute a Tab in Chrome:

  • Check for the tab having a speaker icon
  • Right-click on the tab which shows the little speaker icon
  • Select the Mute tab option
  • The audio icon turns into one with a slash
  • Repeat the steps above to unmute the page.
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