Evidence of Aliens: Triangular UFO spotted in Google Maps [+NASA footage]

UFO Spotted in NASA Footage

We all heard stories of alien spacecraft, but still, no one is sure that it exists or not? A MYSTERIOUS white UFO has been located in NASA footage – and now alien hunters believe it is a real extraterrestrial spacecraft. The occurrence of extraterrestrial life has been a topic of heated debate for years. While many UFO hunters are confident about alien presence, there are also those who refuse it. 2017 has been surely an eventful year when it comes to events of UFO spotting. While there has been no substantial information for many of them, at least one puzzle has been resolved.

Rumors of a UFO spotted in Google Maps, and Earth photographs had been doing the rounds. A strange shape in the middle of a field had raised issues. A large triangle with bright lights placed continuously around it had been seen in Australia at coordinates 30°30’38.44″S 115°22’56.03″E. The triangle was first identified in 2007 and had stimulated the interest of many UFO enthusiasts.

Many were quick to claim it was a “triangle UFO” which had been captured hovering above Earth. Though, on closer investigation, it was revealed that it doesn’t have anything to do with aliens at all. The ‘UFO’ is the Alvernia Studios, used for films, as well as features for video games and music projects.

While a 2011 archive footage of NASA’s shuttle launch has resurfaced later, a strange white object was detected. UFO hunters across the internet have gone into a rage by the find, claiming it is a sign of an alien craft. The shimmery white spectacle can be seen in the clouds beside the fuel tank dropped from the space shuttle Endeavour after it exploded off for its final mission in May 2011.

The old footage, originally posted on NASA’s official YouTube channel, has been dug up and re-examined by UFO enthusiasts. The eerie image was re-uploaded to the Channel UFO Today – which is dedicated to the “UFO phenomena”. The channel has described the object as the White Knight Satellite, a rumored extraterrestrial craft that has been secretly revolving the Earth for thousands of years. Some alien hunters claim the satellite formerly called the Black Knight has been orbiting the Earth for thousands of years after being sent from a different planet. But UFO fans developed the name after the latest apparent sighting to reflect the colour of what they believe could be an alien ship.

It can be seen in the clip when the fuel tank is discarded from the NASA craft minutes after take-off. While NASA has been pretty candid about their doubts on alien existence, Tony del Genio, co-lead of NASA’s next project at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York has said that the discovery of extraterrestrial life may only be a couple of decades away. Del Genio acknowledges that alien life may well exist in forms and places so strange that it might be substantially different from Earth.

Still, it is not proven that this is whether an alien spaceship or just usual clouds were there in the sky. As this issue came into the light again and grabbed the attention of many scientists and researchers that whether it’s a mystery or just a vague news by the UFO hunters. But there is something going on around us it has been proved. This year has been the most eventful year for space lovers as we heard a lot of strange things about the aliens and the strange sounds, which also can be scary but what is the reason behind these is still a mystery. Hope Nasa will debunk all this mystery soon, and if they prove that the aliens exist, this is going to be the most significant news in the space history and will also steady the belief of many researchers.

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  • Hi everyone, aliens exist, and they existed since the beginning. But now with internet, web surfers have started crossing boundaries & time-zones to explore, and occasionally show up at strange places. People usually are seen in astral on the licensed miniature alien (non-human) ships provided by their deities, most use spiders & insects. And some use different consciousness, travelling in the clouds.

    In nutshell, everyone is now connected with everyone else, showing up in different dimensions, if you are seeing clouds around you, chances are that some tiny-miny little insects is around you. You terminate one insect, the cloud disappears in quantum causing hurt to another unsuspecting victim. It is dangerous. If the truth is revealed ever, the whole grid will collapse overnight, as it is built on fake assumptions. Might start star-wars with participation of the whole world.

    Didn’t get it still, Mother Teresa shows up as a Moth….

  • Chances of having alien life is actually 100%, not able to find them is the problem of scientists coz they are only specialist in just one track and can think only through that.

    On the other side chances of those aliens being equally intelligent like human are even less than 1%.
    Simply consider the fact that you find more 4 legged and fishes than human on earth itself, imagine that fact with respect to universe.

  • That is another space junk… use the money you invest in searching for vaccum in space to better place like food, clean water and clean energy.

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