Google Drive Apps updated with multitasking feature for iOS

Google Drive Apps updated with multitasking feature for iOS

Following a long moderate process, the tech monster Google finally has released its Drive applications on iOS. Since months, Google has been chipping away at propelling its Drive Productive Apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides on iOS and finally it dispatched the full-developed rendition of its Drive application with the multitasking office on the Operating System of Apple.

It has taken a quite long time, yet Google has at last presented multitasking support for its Drive efficiency applications (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) on iOS. The Split View and Slide Over component that Apple introduced a year ago with the iOS 9 made multitasking on the iPad a lot simpler. Soon after the release of iOS 9, several developers including Google started upgrading their applications to bolster Split View and Slide Over multitasking.

Since a couple of months, Google has been bitten by bit redesigning its iOS applications which began with the upgrade of Chrome to bolster Split View multitasking highlight for iPad back in October. Throughout this time, Google additionally included the backing for applications like Google Photos and YouTube on iOS. Again in March, Google upgraded the Google Docs app for iPad Pro that brought local determination support yet was all the while missing the multitasking highlights which are finally landed on the floor.

Aside from this Split View and Slide Multitasking Support, Google also has made some minor bug fixes and improvements in its system including the option of inserting images and page breaks in Docs. All three updated applications are available on the App Store, and users can download them easily.

In addition to iOS update, Google also upgraded its Drive Apps including enhanced table and chart functionality for Android OS. This update will allow the users to copy cells from worksheet to Docs or Slides following the same table format.

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