Google discloses bug liability in Windows 10, instructs Microsoft to fix it soon

Windows 10

Window 10 is no doubt an excellent OS enriched with a powerful line-up of features and functionalities. But on Monday, Google’s Threat Analysis Group published a report in which they have mentioned the details of a critical vulnerability found in Window 10. As per the published report, Microsoft’s Window 10 has a critical Bug liability which may allow the Cyber crooks to break out security sandboxes through win32k.sys system call. And the reason behind Google exposing this report publically is its belief that general public and hackers are aggressively exploiting the vulnerability.

On 21st October, Google has already summoned up the owner of Window 10, Microsoft and Adobe about this serious vulnerability and is reported to anger Microsoft for this type of carelessness. While Adobe has already started working on fixing this bug problem of Window 10 by launching a security patch for Flash, Microsoft is still working on this and is awaited to send out a security update which will wedge this type of mechanism on Window 10.

Currently, the new security patch rolled out by Adobe for fixing the bug liability of Window 10 is available for update via auto-updater or manual install, while the security update from Microsoft is still in the pipeline.

Not unpredictably, Microsoft wasn’t pleased with the public exposure of this venerability of Window 10. While asked on this matter,” Microsoft said to VentureBeat, “the company believe in the revelation of vulnerability in a synchronized manner and today’s confession made by Google has created risks not only for the customers but also for the company itself.  Microsoft is operating Windows with a more secured commitment and assured its users to release soon investigate reported about the security issues and is trying to dispatch the security update as soon as possible. Till then, users can draw on Windows 10 and the Microsoft Edge browser for the better safety.

The recent disclosure of Google falls under the project of tech giant “vulnerabilities under active attack” which came into power in May 2013.

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