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Google to compress software update for fixing lens flare bug in Pixel smartphones soon

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After acknowledging the lens flare issues in its recently launched Pixel phones, Google is whispered to bring a software update for bug fixing in the mid-November. After receiving so many complaints about the malfunction in the camera app, Google is gearing up to fix the issues with the minor update, which is expected to dispatch by the end of November. The lens flare issues are found in most of the Pixel devices, causing the drop in image quality when piercing directly at an intense light source.

Google, soon after launching the Pixel smartphones on October 13, started receiving complaints from a number of users about the ‘Arc Flare’ aka ‘Halo effect’ on images clicking from the Pixel phones. As per the reports, the halo effects are spotted around the corners of the photos clicked under vivid and stumpy light atmospheres. Even if such effects are quite common for smartphone cameras, yet the issues in Google pixel’s cameras are found to be more intense and used to be visibly explicit.

In order to fix the issues of Arc Flare glitch in its Pixel series, alongside some other minor bug fixing, Google is reported to roll out an update in next month. After inspecting the issues, the technical team of Google said, the issues of Arc Flare glitch can be fixed through a software update. However, Google needs some more time for the development of the software, and in few weeks, the updated software will be rolled out in Pixel smartphones, added by the spokesperson of Google.

On this context, Isaac, the admin of Google Pixel device in a blog said, Users are going to have a refreshed software update in the next couple of weeks which is completely intended to will fix the camera lens issues of Pixel smartphones. Currently, the technical team of Google is working on some algorithms which will identify the Halo or ARC flare effects in the camera portion of the Pixel Phones. However, he mentioned that the users need to have HDR+ to grab the benefits of this new software update.”

As there are no temporary solutions to fix the issues of Halo or ARC flare, Pixel users need to wait for the official launch of a new software update, which is expected to go live in the middle of November.

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