Google Chrome to warn users about sites downloading unwanted software

Google Chrome to warn users about sites downloading unwanted software tecake

Google Chrome will now aware its users if a website is trying to download an unwanted software on their computer. It is very common phenomenon to observe that sites ask and often downloads some of the adware programs on the user’s machine without any prior authorization.

Google Chrome will now help its users to stop downloading the unwanted software, which are either an adware or a malicious piece of code that bring damage to the system’s integrity. Chrome will present a red warning popup saying that the site might trick you into downloading the malicious.

Earlier, Chrome used to warn the user after opening the website, however, this new addition will show an alert ahead of it. Before, the user is able to open the website, a warning about its malicious nature will start showing up in the browser window.

Apparently, the browser is the easiest way to attack a system, bypass the firewall and install harmful software into the computer. Chrome has beefed up its security to deal with these types of security problems.

Every time a user visits a website; there are several issues that come along with it, as connecting to an unknown host can result in the breach of personal information such as bank login data and more. Every year hundreds and thousands of victim fall prey to the cyber criminals; they trick the user to click on the malicious links, which often results in them becoming a part of their botnet.

Google has also made several amendments to its search engine algorithm so as to avoid its users land on these type of websites, and have made changes in the advertisement algorithms to prevent such ads.

Internet giant and several other technology companies, including Facebook, spend nearly billions to keep their security features top-notch. They have been able to find several devastating vulnerabilities along with their fix to make this cyber world a secure place to live.

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  • how about google chrome doing something like “beware, this site contains google ads”…not gonna happen, but there is always hope.

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