Google Chrome to introduce Pointer Events for Windows tablets

Google Chrome to introduce Pointer Events for Windows tablets tecake

Google Chrome soon will feature an enhanced scrolling technology, which was originally seen in the Microsoft Internet Explorer. It has been reported that Google will now support the Pointer Events in the Chrome for a rich scrolling experience on the touch devices. The changes that are going to be introduced in the upcoming releases of Google Chrome will primarily fix the scroll issues on the Windows tablets.

Earlier, Google Chrome came bundled with the Touch Events, a method that is used by the Apple Inc. in its Safari browser. In Touch Events, each time a finger is moved or touched on the surface or the touch screen, several event fire up to provide the scrolling on the touch screens, for example, if a finger is placed on the screen, Touch Events will generate a ‘touchstart’ event.

On the other hand, Pointer Events work flawlessly with the browsers that are running on devices that have some input instrument attached to them. Just like the Touch Events, several events fire up, however, it works accurately with the input devices.

All of the browsers, including Internet Explorer and Opera, feature Touch Events, and its inclusion in the Chrome will improve the browsing experience on the Windows devices. However, it will take some time for the Internet giant to adapt fully to this new technology, and users have to wait till Google releases a stable release of it.

Even though, Google and Microsoft are a rival of each other; the Redmond giant IE team helped Google in implementing the pointer events on the Chrome. Google’s Rick Byers says, “Jacob Rossi on the IE team has been very helpful in assisting the Chrome team with its adoption of Pointer Events.”

Chrome, without a doubt, is one of the most popular browsers, however, suffer from various issues that causes larger memory consumption, faster battery drain and much more.

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