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Google is celebrating 100th birthday of the man known as the “father of information” with a lively Doodle. Claude Shannon that man who invented basic building blocks of digital communication has been shown juggling three numbers (0,0 and 1) in the Doodle. The cartoon has been made in reference to his juggling machines which he built in lab halls.

Shannon was a great American mathematician of his era, an electrical engineer, and a cryptographer as well. He was the first person to build unbreakable cipher during second World War.

Shannon is most famous for publishing his legendary paper named “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” in 1948. The paper laid the roadmap for building digital computers, digital circuits, and digital communication.

He named the term ‘Bit’, a fundamental block of digital communication that holds value in the form 0 or 1, true or false, yes or no and on or off.

During his peak days, Shannon worked with scientists and mathematicians like Albert Einstein and Alan Turing for improving electronic communications and transmission of data. Later he was better known as the ‘father of information theory’.

During his leisure time, he was often spotted in the halls of Bell Labs on a unicycle, and invented such devices as the rocket-powered frisbee and flame-throwing trumpet.

Shannon was suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease and he died in 2001.

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