Google – the search engine giant has launched its and world’s first “gravity free” Street View on its Google Maps which features some spectacular pictures and imagery of the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday, for allowing people to navigate the ISS from earth.

When ‘Google Map’ has mapped the entire world and has been facilitating people to navigate the world with more quickness and ease, why should keep space and the International Space Station (ISS) lag behind this trend? Google Street View, featured technology of Google Map that allows people to explore global landmarks, navigate natural wonders, and get right navigation to varied locations of the world will now allow people to travel to the International Space Station (ISS).

Google Street View, which was launched some ten years ago for allowing people to take a 360-degree imagery around the across the world, now in a part of space and this feather marks Google Street View’s first venture into the astral world and space. Those who are extremely enthusiast about space and, but are likely never to get a chance to visit the ISS; can use Google Street View for exploring the entire 15 modules of the space station. The Outer Space View of Google is starting from today. Now, anyone can now travel to the International Space Station by accessing to Street View in Google Maps. Thomas Pesquet, the veteran astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA), who was onboard the ISS for six months as a flight engineer, has helped Google in launching this new remarkable feature.

Thomas Pesquet, during his six-month stay abroad ISS, snapped the pictures and views of space and beamed them back to Earth, following which the experts at Google stitched them together for creating the spectacular panoramas. According to a Google spokeswoman, “There would be clear clarification on highlighted portions of the ISS such as where the astronauts work out daily, where they sleep, where the spacious suites are preserved, and where the scientific examinations and experiments are carried out. The entire space station is configured up with 15 attached modules and Street View will let people you to walk around them all.”

As said by Google, it was impossible to create a panoramic 360-degree imagery of the orbiting outpost by using the usual method of Google Street View. And owing to this, the team of Google pooled resources with NASA and the Marshall Space Centre for developing a “gravity-free method” which helped them to collect view and pictures of ISS using DSLR cameras and onboard equipment. Thomas being a part of this innovative venture helped Google to gather images of ISS.

As with all Street View is being launched today, head over to Google Maps and give the exceptional it a quick try!

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