Google Assistant to support three commands at one time

The biggest reason for which the Google Assistant received a great sell is its smartness. Its value hiked because of its immensely smart speakers. According to the reports received recently, the Google Assistant is going to get even much smarter with new enhanced feature supporting multiple queries.

Google Assistant has supported multiple commands for some months now. However, this support is really limited. At the I/O, the company announced that it had been working hard for improving the feature for multiple commands support and for making them even smarter. Finally, now this long waited functionality is going to get live. The Google Assistant now could handle three commands at a time.

Users have been experiencing the Google Assistant accepting and understanding two commands at a time since November 2017. However, now the device would need lesser verbosity and support three commands at one time. This being said, the feature would be confined to only English language. Google also announced that this facility would be limited to certain regions only and would be only available in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada.

In order to use the new facility, the users just require being on the most recent firmware version. The Google Assistant users then could stack their commands such as- asking their commute, nearby restaurants, and the weather, by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” just once.

The people using Google Assistant more frequently can benefit well from this facility. With this facility, the users, without asking, “Ok Google, what are the tourist places in Paris and what are the tourist places in New York,” could be more specific by saying, “OK Google, what are the tourist places in New York and Paris?”

Although this facility is confined to just US English at the present, however, triple commands and Multiple Actions may get provisions for the other languages in the near future. With this facility, the users are going to have a potentially improved experience using the Google Assistant. However, this new facility might not be immediately available to the users as it is rolling out reportedly over the upcoming couple of days.

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