Google Allo features leaked online ahead of launch

Google Allo

While the entire social media world is dominating by veteran players like Facebook and WhatsApp, it is a little bit difficult to imagine brawling of a new entrant with them. But instead of all risks and intervals, Search Engine Giant Google is gearing up to introduce its new instant messaging site ‘Allo’ soon. However, before its launch, the features and specs of this upcoming app have leaked online, giving the world some major goals about the application and its framework.

Powered by Google, Allo will be an instant messaging site which will compete with veterans like WhatsApp. Recently, few snapshots and information are leaked online by a tester which is giving hints about what the app is gonna to be.

As per screenshots and data got from analyzers of an early review of Google Allo, it is reported that Allo has assembled a bundle of state-of-the-art features. Apart from message chats, Allo will also allow its users search all of the conversations details inside the app. In addition to this facility, it will also enable the users to share location, photos, and videos instantly. A user can select the photos and videos from the gallery and also click it inside the app.

However, like WhatsApp, Allo doesn’t have the options of sharing audio and documents. Apart from these features, this app will facilitate users to share gif images and edit photos inside the application.

Another important aspect of Google’s Allo is that a user can enjoy the benefit of size compression for pictures and videos for a better and faster uploading facility. As per the sourced reports, this compression feature is pretty robust and aggressive than what Google formerly experimented with Hangouts. In addition to these, Allo will allow users to choose their preferable media player to watch videos inside the app.

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