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In this competitive digital global market, we, users are definitively attracted by the new features rolled out by our favorite digital world. That’s what Google Inc. plans by introducing its users to App promo code in the Play Store.

Earlier, Google used to lack the App promo code feature which Apple iOS used to provide, but now Google has introduced App promo code in the Play Store which means that we will be able to put a code and get an Android app for free.

The details of these new features are available in Google’s Help Page. The company has placed limits on this feature, which means that all the apps are not free. Developers, as well as android users, will be able to generate up to 500 free promo codes in a given quarter and the unused codes won’t get a roll-over.

The recently announced feature is far much better than Apple. Developers can request up to 100 promo code of each version of an application. Moreover, they can give out codes for paid games and apps, and for in-app purchases which unfortunately Apple fails to provide.

In order to use promo codes for an in-app purchases, developers first need to integrate in-app promotions. Also, we cannot create codes for subscribed content. Developers will be offered an option of setting an expiration date of their promo codes, by default the promo codes lasts a year. Google further revealed that the promo codes are for one-time use only.

Since, Google has not offered its official implementation, many developers have already created their own technique to overcome problem to offer promo codes for upgrades and in-app content to their users. However, developing and implementing own systems takes time and effort. By introducing this new option in Google Play Store, it will be hassle-free.

For app developers who wish to create promo codes for their apps can head to the Developer Console.

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