Gmail, Whatsapp, Snapchat to face strict government rules regarding user data norms

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The privacy concerns for user data soared up after WhatsApp started sharing data with its parental company Facebook. The new features of data sharing of WhatsApp dragged the organisation into the edge of several legal and public criticisms, making the government rethink about the norms of user’s data policies. With the intensifying issues and concerns for user data protection, the IT department is gearing up to bring new amendment for ensuring the users more secured data and information in the realm of the web.

However, if this move of government happens to be true, many tech companies like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Gmail will belittle it. As per the official reports, the central government is scheduling to emerge with strict rules and norms for leading social media sites like Gmail, WhatsApp, and Snap Chat to guide them how to protect and share use’s sensitive data. This new act is reported to come under Section 67C of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and will guide the social media and online communication sites to maintain a strict regulation and track for sharing and caring user’s personal information.

The board of trustees is expected to consist of the representative each from the Ministry of home affairs, department of telecom, department of personnel and training, Nasscom and Internet Service Provider Association of India (ISPAI) and was headed by the additional secretary in the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MEITY) and all of the participants will mutually work on framing the new guidelines for the tech giants.

For now, the Act discusses protection and maintenance of data by intermediaries of the central government and is expected to hit the floor soon. The report says that the brokers might protect and hold such data as might be indicated for such span and in such way and configuration as the Central Government may endorse. The new policy also says that any intermediary who knowingly or intentionally breaks the rules and provisions of sub-section (1) are liable to punishment, fine or both. It also says that they shall be punished with an incarceration for a term which may expand up to three years and also be legally responsible for a monetary penalty.

With this new amendment, the tech companies like Gmail, WhatsApp, Snap Chat, and Facebook will have to face harsh circumstances while implementing new rules on user’s data. As the act is entirely intended to protect user’s data, the tech giants won’t be able to share any personal data and information of their users, without permission.

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