Gmail was down yesterday and so is YouTube and Google Drive

Gmail was down yesterday and so is YouTube and Google Drive

Yesterday, I sent out an email to my insurance company with an attachment, however, it didn’t go through. It was only today when I discovered that Gmail has down yesterday after ‘service disruption’ that affected people worldwide. According to the statistics on Outage.Reports, it reported more than 6,500 reports of people around the globe encountering various issues on Gmail including the app is down, unable to send emails or attachments, slow loading, etc.

According to CNET, Gmail was hit by the disruption error yesterday on Tuesday, March 12, and soon, people begin to pour-out posts on Twitter and other social media handles. This isn’t something new since people opt to outrage about services that are down abruptly by expressing via tweets on Facebook and Twitter.

Further, we also discovered that it wasn’t just Gmail but Google Drive in some countries was affected too. A confirmation about service disruption was posted on Google’s GSuite Status Dashboard at 1:53 p.m. ET on Tuesday after which, Gmail stated that it is working out to resolve the issue. Reportedly, affected users were experiencing a number of issues ranging from unexpected behavior, error sending messages, and high latency, etc.

According to Outage.Reports, it recorded an upward of 6,508 reports originating from countries like the United States, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, and 86 other countries that have been observing similar issues. CNET stated how its reporters were able to communicate with each other in their Australian and New York office, however, the staff at San Francisco were observing the issue as well.

9to5Google added that YouTube users have been observing the same service disruption as well. As per DownDetector, people watching videos on YouTube have also reported a similar issue although the complaints and reports are capped at 100ish and it seems like only a few parts of the world including some states in the United States, Japan, around the eastern coast of Oceania, around the belt of Malaysia and neighboring countries are finding it difficult to watch videos but rest all is fine. Still obseving the issue? Check out, Outage.Reports, or to check if it is literally just you or the world is observing the same issue as well.

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