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A report by the JRC shows that the global average temperature will rise by 3-degree-celcius till the year 2030. After the UNCCC (United Nations Climate Change Conference) the Joint research Centre analysed all the included 155 countries’ current climate commitments, and came on the above stated report. The Commission also said that if all the countries join hand in hand, they would unitedly be able to limit the temperature rise to 2 degree celsius, which  itself is a very large temperature rise in just a time domain of fifteen years.

Global warming is now becoming a major concern for the world due to its rapid growing rate and worldwide harmful impact. Major steps should be taken towards this problem by getting united and passing the proposal to put all the possible efforts in a uniform way by all countries. All the countries have come up by showing their sincere concern about it and formed a commission to keep an eye on this major problem by analyzing day by day report.

Efforts are made constantly to restrict the temperature to rise not more than 2-degree celsius and to cut the emission of greenhouse gases, despite all these efforts, Global temperatures will cross 3-degree celsius mark, researchers have found.

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has analyzed all the reports and says that current climate commitments submitted by 155 countries for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21, is not much efficient and will make the global temperature increase by 3-degrees Celsius.

155 countries are participating and are willing to make every possible effort to curb the Global Warming. They are representing around 90 percent of global emission and have submitted an Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) on climate policy to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in the preparation of new climate negotiations to be held in December in Paris.

Initial proposals being deeply analyzed by all the members of committee and concludes that, if these methods are fully implemented, unconditional INDCs (without international climate financial support or international cooperation mechanisms) could set global emissions growth at around 17 percent above the 2010 level by 2030.

The efforts should be made sincerely as the way it is decided, the researchersprojected that global warming would be at its peak in 2020 and will decline afterward to 10 percent below and will get a level up by 2030.

The analysis was presented in the form of a policy brief at the preparatory meeting INDC Forum in Rabat, Morocco.

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  • mikehaseler

    Please can you just stop printing this kind of non-science. NOAA have refused to justify their fabricated warming. There is now no credibility to the “human compiled” temperature and so we are left with the Satellites that show no warming for 18 years. Nor are there any trends in severe weather and if anything rising CO2 is boosting global harvests and greening the desert.

    People are fed up hearing these stupid climate scare stories based on nothing but the say so of those with their “snouts in the trough”, who when asked to justify their actions, have refused point blank.

    • amsul


      • mikehaseler

        NOAH has broken the law. They are required to supply the information to their oversight committee. And now not only NOAH but all it produces and all its staff are suspect unless or until it complies with the proper oversight.