#GiveAShit: New poop emojis to create awareness for sanitized toilets

To create awareness and address the issue open defecation practiced by people especially Indians, the new poop emoji is trending on social media which will create awareness for sanitized toilets. It is very disheartening to see that although India is progressing at a very high rate still more than 60 percent of the population practice open defecation and are unaware health hazards posed by it.

A non-profit organization WaterAid has launched a new app named #GiveA** to create awareness among Indian citizens through poop emojis. With the help of the new app, users can create their own emojis and then can share it on social media or with friends to create awareness and tell people about harmful effects of open defecation. What’s interesting is that the emojis very eye grabbing and will get anyone’s attention that too in a healthy and interesting manner. Thus, it is believed that this new method might have a revolutionary effect on the people’s mind in teaching them about advantages of sanitised toilets and demerits of defecating in open.

WaterAid has also started a campaign named #GiveAShit and the whole purpose is to tell people about using sanitized toilets and use sanitary water and keep the surroundings clean and healthy. The campaign is across worldwide. Moreover, more than 2.4 billion around the globe don’t have access to sanitized toilets, says United Nations report. The report further states that nearly a billion people on our Earth defecate in open which is pity.

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