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Girl Scouts focused in STEM to get opportunity at High Rock Tower Observatory

Women scouts who are interested to pursue STEM education or take up STEM-related professions would reportedly be offered a chance for grabbing the stars at the High Rock Tower Observatory in the night of Friday. The Star Party at the High Rock Tower welcomes the Existing Girl Scouts and even the ones who desire to participate in grades K-5 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The United States Girl Scout is taking initiatives from the last hundred six years for encouraging females to overcome any hurdle and pursue their interests in the sectors in which women usually are underrepresented.

The women who participate would get an opportunity for viewing the stars with the help of a large telescope positioned on the Observatory’s roofing system. According to Kerrie Constant, who is directing the project for the Lady Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, the participants would be taking trips, designing their own “constellations”, and learning things from astronomers. Constant said in a statement that the women participants would experience the “night sky” and form a deep gratitude for the field of astronomy. Further, Constant said that the program is the end result of the collaboration of the Woman Scouts of the U.S.A, NASA Science Objective Directorate, and the SETI Institute.

The Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scouts ranked at number 11 in the list of around hundred thirteen Woman Scout Councils all over the nation. The Girl Scouts participated in the “Grabbing destiny: NASA Science for Lady Scouts” program. This program is focused on engaging women in the STEM learning and exposing females to take up different professions pertaining to the field. The Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scout has female candidates from “grades K-12” regulating the tasks for the new badges of space science, which are to be launched.

Constant stated that one among the many missions of the Star Party is attracting women towards joining the Girl Scouts. It is initiated to influence women within a radius of twenty-five miles. She told that the Star Party helps the women who like the STEM program and regard it as a great option for being a Girl Scout. Constant explained further that the organization always had its focus on the STEM and that has increased even more in the past 5 years.

She said that the bottom line of Girls Scout is expanding the interest of women in STEM and proving to them that STEM could be a fun-filled career aspiration for the future. She said that they really look forward to curving the girls’ interests towards experiencing the things that Girl Scouts could offer them.

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