Nasa: A strong magnetic shield around Mars might make it habitable

Nasa Mars Electromagnetic Shield

Habitability of Mars is an age-old concern for astronomers and scientists. Since long, the attempt to make the Red Planet habitable is going on, and soon scientists seem to achieve the hoary sci-fi fantasy. One of NASA’s scientists has proposed a new tactic through which the habitability of the Red Planet can be brought back. According to one of NASA’s senior scientists, the employment of a giant magnetic shield around Mars may make it habitable, and the entire scientist and astronomer community has gone gaga over this announcement.

At the latest training hosted by NASA’s Planetary Science Division (PSD) in Washington, Jim Green, Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division has put forward his revolutionary view that placement of a magnetic dipole shield at the Mars L1 Lagrange Point can make it habitable for human life. While putting his speech at the Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop, going on at the NASA’s headquarters in Washington, James Green, NASA’s Planetary Science Division Director presented his surprising scheme to deploy a magnetic shield in the region of Mars to reinstate its habitable atmosphere. However, the proposal is now subjective to multiple further experiments and tests, he confirmed.

Mars now is believed to be one of the universe’s coldest deserts. As suggested by scientific theories, the planet in its juvenile stage used to have a magnetic shield which in due course of evolution disappeared, and now it has no magnetic field. The freezing temperatures and thin radiation-prone atmosphere of the Red Planet are not allowing the formation of liquid water on the planet’s surface. But the scenario can be changed and the breakthrough to modify this situation has already proposed by NASA’s Gems Green in the latest workshop. According to the reports, the cold and thin atmosphere of Mars is not inherent.

The Red Planet once had a thick atmosphere, which was supportive to liquid water, and a moderately warmer and potentially inhabitable climate. However, later, due to the collapse of the protective magnetic field with an unidentified celestial object some billions of years ago, the magnetic field eventually made the climate of Mars what it is today – frigid and arid.

In a proposal, presented at the Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop in Washington, DC last week, Gems Green proposed the potentiality of introducing a large magnetic shield around the Red Planet. As suggested in the proposal, the deployment of the magnetic field into space between Mars and the Sun might assist the Red Planet to bring back its habitable atmosphere and make it accommodating for scientists’ ambition to colonise planet in the near future. The US-based space agency firmly believes that an incredibly powerful magnetic protector, launched into space between Mars and Sun could serve up as a substitute to the lost magnetosphere of Mars, making it habitable again.

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  • US can make Mars habitable can we Indians make Navi Mumbai habitable by removing chemical factories from Koperkairne, Taloja etc from polluting the air we breathe and water we drink ?

    • polluting industries be it agra, kanpur, meerut, mumbai, ambur are in pockets no “secular” govt. would dare to shut down

  • If Mars becomes habitable, who will be its owner? Only USA or entire earth’s population? At present, earth is owned by about 7.5 billion people.

    • it will belong to those who can land there …. no one can stop progress … at present earth is owned by the respective countries ….

  • I agree. How much power is needed to do this? Good idea to do it before any human visits. The cold in space might make a super conductor magnetic work better.

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